UniversalWorldChurch.org stands a lasting tribute to the life and ministry of Dr. Orval Lee Jaggers and Dr. Miss Velma Mary Jaggers, the late founders and pastors of the Universal World Church. Its purpose is to preserve the memory and legacy of these two extraordinary people; to build a repository of documents, images, and video related to their lives; to provide a virtual gathering place for people form all persuasions to connect, reconnect, and witness to the effect Dr. Jagger and Miss Velma have had on their lives; to ensure that their impact on this planet continues to grow into the next generation and beyond; and provide resources for those passionate about the things Dr. Jaggers and Miss Velma were passionate about:
  • Divine Healing
  • Eternal Health of Body, Soul, and Spirit
  • Strange Lights in the Sky and
  • Christian Worship with High Theatrical and Production Value
UniversalWorldChurch.org is neither a for profit venture or a non profit organization. It is not a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contribution to UniversalWorldChurch.org are not tax deductible. UniversalWorldChurch.org is a collective effort of a number of volunteers who desire above all to see Christ glorified in the earth, his Kingdom come in power, with signs, wonders, and divine health. It is in that spirit we endeavor to use this website as an instrument to propel people forward into a greater experience of the genuine life of Christ. If preserving the legacy of Dr. Jaggers and Miss Velma through the instrument of this website is valuable to you, please consider contributing what you are able to the maintenance site and expansion of its services.

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