The Messenger of God's Youth

Miss Velma is a Doctor of Divinity, a Doctor of Science and a Doctor of Physiological Botany and Dendrology (the art and science of the study of trees) - and has a most unique and powerful ministry.  She teaches and preaches


and ministers that marvelous message everywhere she goes.

Miss Velma's Miraculous Discovery
of Mamre in Israel!

Miss Velma is known throughout the world as "The Messenger of God's Youth".   She was shown a vision in Los Angeles of the exact location of MAMRE in Israel, where God restored Abraham and Sarah to the days of their youth when they were about 100 years old.  Following the vision, she went to Israel and went directly to the location of MAMRE in hundreds of thousands of acres of wilderness, which had been lost for more than 3000 years.

Miss Velma

Miss Velma has been televised hundreds of times, and her ministry has been seen in some 70 countries.  Her writings and books are the most wonderful revelations of truth ever presented to this generation.  Her book titled "THE MIGHTY MIRACLE OF THE RESTORATION OF GOD'S YOUTH" and another titled, THE MIGHTY MIRACLE OF MAMRE" are masterpieces of unparalleled Biblical truth for this generation!