Jim Shaw and Mike Kelley on the Universal World Church

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The following is an excerpt from an interview between Los Angeles based artists Mike Kelley and Jim Shaw. This dialog is reproduced identically in the books Mike Kelley: interviews, conversations, and chit-chat, 1986-2004[1] and Jim Shaw: everything must go, 1974-1999[2]. Jim Shaw was describing his senior project as a student at the California Institute of the Arts, which took inspiration from ufology, in part from Dr. O. L. and Miss Velma Jaggers.

MK: You did a booklet in the style of Awake. There was also a golden altar--didn't that reference the altar at the Universal World Church, which is a strange charismatic church where they mix Christian and UFO beliefs?

JS: Yes, the church run by Dr. Jaggers and Miss Velma--that was a part of it. When I went to a service there they had a booklet about meetings with UFOs; the motherships were supposed to be seraphim and the smaller ones cherubim. Watching them on TV every week certainly influenced me.


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