O. L. and Velma Jaggers Partial Bibliography

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The following is a partial bibliography of the written works, specifically books, produced by Dr. O. L. Jaggers and Miss Velma Jaggers:

Books by Dr. O. L. Jaggers:

  1. Omnipotence is Yours! Or How Deity Places Himself in the Lives of Men, 1949
  2. Everlasting Spiritual and Physical Health (at least 1949, referenced in Nov. TVOH)
  3. Flying Saucers! (1952) or U.F.O.s and the Creatures that Fly Them
  4. The Baptism Into Life and Immortality! 1959
  5. The golden altar--the administrative altar of God, 19716
  6. How to rid the world of Red Communism, 1953
  7. . Why Jesus Christ Will Return To This Generation (listed in Flying Saucers, so earlier than 1952)
  8. How God Gave This Ministry To Me (appears in March 1952 TVOH)
  9. . The Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs in Bible Prophecy (appears in March 1952 TVOH)
  10. Life and immortality in the book of St. John, 1959

Books by Miss Velma Jaggers:

  1. The Mighty Miracle of Mamre
  2. The Mighty Miracle of the Restoration of God's Youth
  3. The Tree of Life